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Success Stories

Katongole Kizito Iam

  "I am Katongole Kizito Iam a counselor by professional; but I have some enterprises am managing outside my professional duties. I am managing an enterprise in compound designing and maintenance.. This enterprise brings me more income even more than what I get from being a counselor. This enterprise has made famous as an employer. Through this enterprise I have been able to give part time jobs to many young people who are in their vacation and those who are semi-literate. Thanks to SIBTA, the training I got from SIBTA helped me to change my attitude towards causal jobs and made me to start this enterprise."

- Katongole Kizito Iam

Mr. Ssekanwagi Peter Paul

  "I am Mr. Ssekanwagi Peter Paul engaged in Service enterprise, specifically providing primary education. I am the proprietor of St. Aloysius Primary School. I am so grateful to SIBTA for their capacity development programme which changed my way of doing business. SIBTA helped me to diversify my enterprise. I have been able to start three different enterprises (Piggery, Poultry and Pineapple growing) to supplement my income from the school. It has helped me to cut costs for the school, because I get food and meat to feed the pupils from my enterprises at a reduced price."

- Mr. Ssekanwagi Peter Paul

Mrs Ivona Ssenvuma

  "I am Mrs Ivona Ssenvuma a primary teacher and Counselor. I am grateful to SIBTA for their programmes of diversifying household economy which made me to develop a beads enterprise. The beads enterprise has helped me to have something do outside my professional work and to earn an extra income. My biggest challenge at the moment is the market; otherwise our women group would produce more. I ask SIBTA to helps us with the issue of the market."

- Mrs Ivona Ssenvuma

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